Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the world around you? Feeling like you should do better, work harder, be stroinger? Let me tell you something: minigod doesn't. minigod is perfectly happy with the way you are. Xe's travelling the world to tell everyone xe meets that exact message: you are awesome!

Follow minigod on xer trip and discover your true positive self.

Let go of shame, spread the love and feel the minigod within you!

minigod @ Fantasy Basel, Basel, Switzerland
Earth: 47°33'52.1"N 7°35'58.7"E

minigod appeared at Fantasy Basel, the Swiss Comic Con. So many pretty faces, lovely encounters and gorgeous souls! Look at how strong we become when we are connected to our minigod. It was a blast!

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Xe’s ready to travel the world, conquer your heart and spread the love.

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